Thursday, February 4, 2010

Torture Pics Showing Breasts Being Cut Off Broken Heart The Pain Is Torture.?

Broken heart the pain is torture.? - torture pics showing breasts being cut off

My ex-boyfriend played me hard. We said we would spend in that month, and furnitures. The girl had been missing in the summer, not his actions. He brought his son to college and was repealed. He said he visited for the day and brought home in the morning. He came home last night and acting all weird. But really show any emotion in it. He said he had to get up too early and I left him again a few cigerettes and he said he would later .... Took 2 pictures of my children, I said, hovering over the bed. So I went to his apartment, and he broke the buttons on both doors. I have the po-key and broken. Everything was gone. I have not seen or heard from him. I think he went to Las Vegas, Nevada, where his sister lived. Can someone help me here ..... During the current losing what I do. I feel lost and confused, and I hurt really bad. He did not even leave a message or anything.

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  1. Forget it if you do not even take something good, because his heart was stabbed with a knife, would not be the same. only attempt to heal his broken heart and move on ...